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Cool Fall Give Away
Everyone knows that the scent of your home can dramatically affect your mood. However, did you know that it’s often the scent of your home that sets the atmosphere? How your home smells can make the difference in how comfortable you and your guests are. Sure, you can spend a small fortune buying scented candles or air fresheners, that promise to create the... ( read more )

Husband-Wife Garage Entrepreneur Team Launches Locally Developed VentPourri Home Fragrance System
Locally developed by garage entrepreneurs Jerry and Regina Tobin, the VentPourri provides homeowners with a safe, low-waste alternative to fragrance... ( read more )

Vent Powered Potpourri Dispenser for Wall and Floor Vents

VentPourri manufactures a unique air freshening product that enlivens any room with the fresh scent that you choose. VentPourri is not your typical air freshener in that it utilizes the air conditioning and heating vents to power aromatic scents that will change any room into a potpourri of aromas. The sleek design and charming decorative piece beautifies any room while accenting a home’s décor. Why spend money on disposable air fresheners when you can create a long lasting room environment filled with the fragrance that best suits your mood that day. Further, VentPourri is the perfect product for aromatherapy and uses fragrance oils to not only provide fresh air but give you the relaxing environment you want to create.

You don’t have to burn anything, use batteries, or plug into any electrical outlet. VentPourri uses the natural operation of a home’s heating and air conditioning system. Once the product is attached to vents it’s ready to go. All you need to do is place your favorite fragrant oil or essential oil on our wicks and magnetically attach VentPourri to your floor or wall vents. Because of its design the product is economical and can be used over and over again.