"Wow where do I begin!!! We have used them (VentPourri) in our first home through out the house and loved them. We bought more when we built our new house four years ago and they are still going strong and working INCREDIBLY well. Our home smells AMAZING and our friends and family comment every time they come over. Last year we ordered more (VentPourri's) and gave them out as gifts to friends, family, co-workers and even our childrens pre-school. Everyone loves them since they are so functional and last so long! WE ARE HOOKED ON VENTPOURRI."
-Brian T., NC

"We just got a puppy who isn't housebroken yet. The VentPourri is fantastic at eliminating pet odors. The room is filled with a fresh clean sent that is long lasting. I personally love the unique variety of fragrance oils that are perfect for any room in the house. Vent Pourri is easy to use and leaves any room smelling great!"
-Tina Archer, Wake Forest, NC

VentPourri is great and so easy to use. Just hook it to the vent and forget about it. All those unwanted odors are then replaced with a pleasant scent. It works better and is easier than anything else I have tried before.
-Tom T., Raleigh, NC

"I just love your product. I have always loved the scents of lit candles and burning incents but could not use them once my children were born in fear of them getting hurt. I have since tried the plug-in which I am not comfortable with in fear of catching on fire. I have tried the battery operated ...not good either! With being a busy working mother on her own...that was one more thing on my grocery list...batteries! Your product has been the best yet for it is soooeasy to use with no worries, a great line of scents to choose from and able to use on my vents year round. ( not to mention NO extra expense for batteries. ) I must also mention how it is not overpowering either...it works as your heat / air goes & off which is the best! I love the scent of Vanilla in the kitchen...especially after cooking seafood...Vanilla really gets the kitchen smelling much better afterward. I would recommend your product to anyone who loves to have their home smelling great. I'm hooked.
-Theresa Dobrowski, Fords, NJ

Your VentPourri is awesome! We live in Houston, TX with two dogs and a cat. It is always hot here and the air conditioning runs about 10 months out of the year and our air is always on. The product is easy to use and we have one in each room. It is great that you can change the scents and have different scents in each room. Great product. Thanks!
-John Parks, Houston, TX

VentPourri is an incredibly simple fragrance delivery system that requires no batteries, or use of electricity what so ever. It runs off the forced air of your heating and cooling system, and that's a great idea. The oils that VentPourri offer are second to none and last a long time. I keep one upstairs and one downstairs with different fragrances inside and it keeps the house smelling wonderful for weeks. I highly recommend this easy to use system.
-Alan Frederickson, Durham, NC